May 14, 2021

By Luv.ish

Almost everyone these days knows how banging K-pop is but y'all ever fell hard for the retro K-pop? And what's better when your favourite idols introduce such songs to you and make you sing along with them? That's exactly what happened with me. Me who knows basic Korean ends up memorizing the entire song and is able to do karaoke? Crazy, right? But that's exactly where the fun is!


So, here's a list of few songs that I got to know through K-pop idols and from dramas & movies! 

1. Tears - So Chan Whee

Tears is a highly addictive pop song by So Chan Whee released in 2000. With her strong voice and high notes, this song makes for a perfect karaoke night! This song is really good to showcase your vocal ability and hence it's covered by many K-pop idols! But the main exposure was by Chen! 

So,when EXO appeared on the show "Knowing Brothers", Chen sang "Tears" in the original female key. With the EXO members cheering for him in the back with the cast members of the show being amazed by Chen's vocals, it creates a whole experience for the viewers. He sings it with such fluidity that proves why he's the main vocal. After watching the video, there's a high chance that we'll end up being a fan of So Chan Whee sunbae-nim and being in awe of Chen who pulled such tough song with such ease! And a likely chance that we try to hit those high notes!

2. After The Play Is Over - Sharp


Sharp was a 7 member group that performed this song in the MBC University Song Festival in 1980. The unique voice of the female vocalist and the jazz like melody adds to the charm of this song. 

Dressed in a high school uniform, IU performed this song in the Blue Dragon Film Awards and captivated the audience with her soulful voice. She had her own take on the song and made it more soulful. The deep lyrics and IU's voice made a beautiful cover of this song! "After the play is over" was also on the soundtrack of the 2001 movie "Friend" and the 2009 drama "Friend, our legend"

3. Perfect Man - Shinhwa


Boy band Shinhwa released "Perfect Man" with a love theme in 2002 and the song became a hit. 

Following the footsteps of their seniors, BTS did a live cover at the 2015 MBC Music Festival and honestly, they killed it!
The vocals, the choreography, everything blended well and created an amazing cover and introduced a classic song to the BTS fans. It's been over 5 years and ARMYs keep coming back to this! It proves how much of a banger the song still is!

4. Confession - Yim Jae Beom


Confession is a melancholic song with full of emotions sung by rock ballad singer Yim Jae Beom in 1998.

When GOT7 appeared on the show "Weekly Idol", leader JB had to sing this song while the other members try to do a sexy dance. JB with his melodious voice sang effortlessly despite the chaos! Listening to the OG song with eyes closed is definitely gonna give us the feels!

5. As I Told You - Kim Sung Jae


This song was by the first generation idol, Kim Sung Jae, who was way ahead of his time. The choreo was so advanced and modern for that time, it's a treat to watch it! 

My first time hearing it was through BTS when they covered it at the MBC Music Festival in 2016. The catchy tune and the choreo was so good that their fans loved this and looked up more about the OG singer and for them it's just as iconic as the original one!

In 2013, VIXX performed this song as a tribute to Kim Sung Jae & MONSTA X covered it on the shows "Sugarman" and on "Music Bank".

6. Me To You, You To Me- Jatapung


This song by Jatanpung was released in 2003 as the soundtrack for the movie "The Classic." It's a sweet song with two lovers running from the rain. The melody, the cinematography, the vocals everything came together and made this lovely song.

This song, many of us might be knowing because of its frequent use in dramas and variety shows. In the drama "Hospital Playlist", the band "Mido and Falasol" did a beautiful cover of this song and in the drama "What's wrong with secretary Kim", it was parodied! It was also covered by Jung Eunji, Roy Kim and other artists as well.

Are any of you fans of these songs? Or had some more to add? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Luv.ish

Luv.ish is a student who likes to share her love for K-entertainment with as many people as she can! And trying her best to learn Korean! Currently, her biases are Kim Seon Ho, Lee Do Hyun and Jeon Yeo Bin and her ultimate bias is Kim Ji Won! 
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