7 must-watch pentagon performances

Mar 22, 2021

By Fatima

Pentagon just had their comeback with their 11th mini album LOVE or TAKE. The self-producing group have come out with another bop-filled album, especially with the title track DO or NOT. But besides producing the most amazing songs, Pentagon are also unbelievably performances. If you don’t stan Pentagon, we guarantee you will be after watching these performances. 

Shine/Spring Snow on Road To Kingdom


Pentagon was one of the groups that took part in the Mnet Road To Kingdom show. While they didn’t win, they delivered with some breathtaking performances - both as a group and as individual members. But this performance of Shine/Spring Snow just stands out for us. It was one of the oldest members, Jinho’s last performance with the group before he enlisted and it was so bittersweet. The performance was top quality but more than that we loved how it displayed the close bond between the members who couldn’t stop themselves from crying on stage. 

Basquiat on Road To Kingdom


As mentioned before, Pentagon really delivered with their performances on Road To Kingdom but with their performance of Basquiat they really stood out. Created by Hui and Wooseok, it was a song inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat's paintings that contains a great message of "regaining freedom" to many who live in oppression and neglect. The message was amazing and the performance even more heart racing especially when they ended it with the message: “"I resist the gaze created by the times. My crown is made and written by myself."

Flower Live


During Road to Kingdom and with their other many performances, Pentagon has proved they are able to showcase high energy performances. But we love that they manage to bring the best of both. For the 10th mini album, We:th the group released acoustic versions of several songs from the album including Daisy, Beautiful Goodbye and Nostalgia filmed in Jarasum. It was such the members, the beautiful sky, pretty flowers and amazing vocals. Definitely one of their best displays of their talents. 

Sha La La at KCON Japan 2019


For the release of their eighth Korean EP Genie:us with the title Sha La La, one of the group’s best dancers Kino wasn’t able to take part in any of the performances due to an injury. But when the group performed at KCON Japan in 2019, Kino was able to take to the stage with the rest of the members and bring that extra fire to the performance. We also loved the Japanese crowd’s reaction to Yuto who is from Japan. 

Lovesick Girls Cover


Pentagon has proven time and time again that they are a very versatile group. And they showed this through their cover of BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls which they rearranged Lovesick Boys. We are sure that they gained many new fans after that performance because the comments are filled with people wanting more information on the group. Whether it was Hui’s take on Rose’s lines or Kino’s rapping, Hongseok and Yeone’s ad libs for each other, the performance is everything. 

Eternal Flame at MBC

Eternal Flame is the song that Pentagon wrote for Universe, their fans. It debuted at their online concert in 2020. But they performed the song on MBC for the wider public. It shows off their sweet vocals but the meaning of the song is just so lovely as well as it’s made of things that Universe said to their members. We also loved how they included Jinho’s vocals in the song. 

Humph for Extreme Live

This is just a little something extra to ensure you will stan Pentagon after watching it. You won’t be able to help but want to like the group. This might be a funnier performance by Pentagon as they’re trying to sing while on a ride at the amusement park. But their ability to still sound so good even on a rollercoaster is beyond amazing. And watching most of the members attempt to belt out their lines and not freak out is pure gold. 

Which of these Pentagon performances is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Fatima

Fatima Moosa is a writer from South Africa. When she isn’t doing her regular job of working as a journalist, she can be found binge-watching Korean dramas and catching up on all the latest content from her favourite K-pop groups. She is eagerly waiting for Pentagon’s comeback.