7 k-pop idols who would have been tik tok stars

July 15, 2021

By Rae Love

Long before TikTok, K-Pop groups like BTS were dominating Vine with their behind-the-scenes teasers, silly pranks, and more. So it’s no surprise that today most K-Pop groups have TikTok accounts where they post dance videos, compete in TikTok challenges, and otherwise take the opportunity to put their charms front and center. 

Here are seven idols who take it a step further and if they weren’t already famous, they would have been TikTok stars.

1. Park Yuri

Park Yuri is a triple threat. This Korean-Russian idol is also a model and actor, currently appearing in KBS’s “Imitation.” He regularly participates in TikTok trends, shares model pose ideas, and uses it as a way to give fans a glimpse into his not-so-serious self.



2. Somi

Somi is a Canadian-Dutch-Korean[2][3] singer and songwriter, that debuted in the girl group I.O.I as well as a soloist in 2019. Her TikTok spans content with I.O.I group mates, dance challenges, playing around with silly TikTok filters, and more. 


3. Sorn

It’s should come as no surprise that Sorn is on this list. Not only is she a member of the girl group CLC, but she also has her own YouTube channel where she regularly uploads personal vlogs and behind-the-scenes content for CLC. Her TikTok is just an extension of the fun content she is already producing and you can tell she’s having a lot of fun doing it.


4. Rosé

BLACKPINK may have its own TikTok account, but there is truly something special about Rosé’s personal account. From participating in the WAP Challenge and trolling herself because of the filters to behind the scenes of performances and music shows, Rosé’ definitely knows how to produce fun and entertaining content.


5. Eric Nam

Eric Nam is known for his off-the-cuff interviews, unique sense of humor, and foul mouth so his TikTok should be no different, right? His content is a heavy mix of him making fun of himself, trolling his fans in a fun and harmless way, and having fun with other idols (sometimes at their or his expense).


6. Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene knows-and-aces all the TikTok trends. Whether she’s lipsyncing a speech from a movie while sipping wine or dancing it out in public with on watchers she gives it 110% and then some.


7. Shin Dongho

Former U-KISS member, Shin Dongho regularly uploads to his TikTok account (sometimes multiple times a day) in an effort to put his best foot forward on the latest music trend, filter, or challenge. It’s also a fun walkthrough of his growth over the last few years both personal and professional.


Written by Rae Love

Rae Love is a freelance writer covering all things Hallyu. Her current bias is Jang Ki Yong and ults are Yoo Kihyun, and Seo Kang Joon. She is also a fashion photographer. When she's not writing or binge-watching K-dramas, chances are you'll probably find her sweating her way through a K-Pop dance workout, or playing with her cats, Phoenix and Dallas. Make sure you follow @kindofvoguish on Instagram