Apr 7, 2021

By Rae Love

The blooming flowers and vibrant foliage aren’t the only things changing this spring. The emergence of pinks, blues, greens, and other sparkly colors is spreading signally the change of seasons (YAY!). 

As the weather shifts to warmer winds and longer days, styles are veering towards happy vibes that exemplify personal expression. Which is a good thing considering self-isolating can definitely be a drag on your mental health. So what better way to conquer your winter blues than by switching it up than with something new?

Here are seven beauty trends from our favorite celebrities that are super easy to try.

1. Goodbye "Just-Bitten," Hello Dark Maroon Lips


We’ve seen the gradient, just-bitten lip trend for years on both male and female celebrities alike and it’s time to let it go. Bold dark maroon lips that show power and a modern rocker vibe are on the rise and we are thrilled, to say the least. 

2. Curtain highlights

Curtain Highlights.jpg

Want to try a new hair color, but don’t want to go through the trouble of bleaching your whole head? Mix and match colors and dyes to stand out instantly with curtain highlights.

3. Under-eye bling

undereye bling.jpg

Using bright studs to highlight (or hide) undereye puffiness isn’t something new, but a fresher rendition of this trend is on the rise, with the use of more unique materials.

4. Soft blush


If you’ve ever watched an anime or read a webtoon you’ll know that when a character blushes it’s typical with their whole fan. Eye-catching, soft blush that spans the cheeks to the tip of the nose and back again is set to take over this spring.

5. Natural brows

natural brows.jpg

It’s time to embrace your natural brow shape. Simply brush them up using a brow mascara or occasionally darken them to frame your faces a little better.


6. Mirror skin

mirror skin.png

You might be familiar with glass skin or cream, but the latest trend mirror skin is all the rage. Just like its name, mirror skin is skin that’s so glowy, it’s almost reflective.


7. Mullets


In the middle of last year, we saw a rise in mullet hairstyles ranging in length from the nape of the neck to the shoulders and we don’t see it dying down anytime soon.

Are you a fan of any of these trends? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Rae Love

Rae Love is a freelance writer covering all things Hallyu. Her current bias is Jang Ki Yong and ults are Yoo Kihyun and Seo Kang Joon. She is also a fashion photographer. When she's not writing or binge-watching K-dramas, chances are you'll probably find her sweating her way through a K-Pop dance workout, or playing with her cats, Phoenix and Dallas. Make sure you follow @kindofvoguish on Instagram!