8 facts about rising star lee jun young

June 23, 2021

By Rae Love

Lee Jun Young should be on your radar if he isn’t already. While he might be a fresh face to many, he’s sure been making a name for himself in the last year starring in six dramas (three of which are still set to air later this year). If you’ve been watching him in his latest role in the webtoon adapted K-Drama, “Imitation,” chances are you’ve been mesmerized and smitten by his undeniable charms. Always rising to the challenge, this industry veteran has made an impact on every role he’s taken on and now it’s time to get to know this talented human. 

Here, we list down all the interesting tidbits to know about JLee Jun Young, including his K-dramas, his personality, awards, and more.

1. He's a member of the K-pop group U-KISS

He was announced as a new member of U-KISS on their official Twitter account in May 2014. He officially debuted with the group on June 2, 2014,t with the release of their 9th mini-album, Mono Scandal, along with the 19+ rated MV for "Quit Playing." He has been a pivotal member of the group ever since, and currently one of three members still in the group.


2. He can speak 3 languages


Jun is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English.

3. His role in "Goodbye to Goodbye" earned him two acting awards


While Jun made his official acting debut in “Avengers Social Club” in 2017, it wasn’t until 2018 where Jun showed his potential as one to watch. The then-rookie talent played 20 something Han Min Soo, who fought to get back in his girlfriend’s good graces after his ignorance of her pregnancy forces her to live with his mother.


His effortless performance as the naive, yet willful Han Min Soo earned him several acting award nominations and bagged Best New Actor at both the MBC Drama Awards and Korea Culture Entertainment Awards.


4. His MBTI type is INFP

Jun’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INFP.  Individuals with this kind of personality are described as introverted, idealistic, creative, and driven by high values which sounds very much like Jun in our opinion.

5. He finished first place in the KBS survival program "The Unit"


Jun auditioned for the KBS Survival Program “The Unit,” which concept was to form male and female unit groups consisting of nine K-pop idols who already debuted. Jun ranked first throughout the show and promoted with “The Unit’s” K-pop group UNB from April 7, 2018, to January 27, 2019.


6. He's an aquarius

Born on January 22, 1997, Jun is an Aquarius, was raised in the city of Uijeongbu in South Korea and is part of the sought-after “97 liners” of K-Pop idols. 

7. He has a Netflix film in the works

Thanks to the back-to-back success of his shows “Good Casting” and “Please Don’t Date Him,” Jun was able to nab the lead role of Jung Ji Hoo in the upcoming Netflix adapted webtoon turned film, “Moral Sense.” Directed by Park Hyun Jin, “Moral Sense”  follows a clean-cut office worker with BDSM sexual fantasies that he keeps to himself - until he discovers his co-worker a potential dominatrix.


8. He's very similar to his character on "Imitation"

In the K-Drama “Imitation,” Jun plays Kwon Ryok, the charming center of the K-Pop group Shax, known for his strong personality, performance skills, and star quality. Similar to his character Ryok, Jun balances a successful career as an actor with that of a K-Pop idol. 


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Written by Rae Love

Rae Love is a freelance writer covering all things Hallyu. Her current bias is Jang Ki Yong and ults are Yoo Kihyun, and Seo Kang Joon. She is also a fashion photographer. When she's not writing or binge-watching K-dramas, chances are you'll probably find her sweating her way through a K-Pop dance workout, or playing with her cats, Phoenix and Dallas. Make sure you follow @kindofvoguish on Instagram