5 k-drama pairings we'd love to see next

Mar 20, 2021

By Rae Love

One of our favorite things about K-Dramas is the swoon-worthy moments that make have our breath hitch because we can feel it in our soul. From the lovable gazes and that first moment of skinship to heart-pounding confessions and passionate kisses, K-Dramas know how to keep fans, myself included, coming back for more.


Here are five K-Drama pairings we’d love to see next.

1. Hwang In Yeop + Lee Sung Kyung


Fans across the globe cannot get enough of Hwang In Yeop right now. It makes sense to pair him with someone who is equally a heartbreaker. These two have a style of comedy that is a breath of fresh air and exude that bad girl/boy vibe but are in reality angels that together it would be romantic comedy gold.

2. Ji Chang Wook + Park Min Young


These are two of the biggest RomCom actors and although they have worked together previously in "Healer," it would be great to see them work again together in a RomCom genre. They exude a certain likeability and have an amiable vibe about them. We can imagine them in some sort of workplace romance comedic kind of drama.

3. Kim Soo Hyun + IU


It is shocking that two of the biggest stars in K-Dramas haven’t worked together yet. Both actors have that regal yet timeless vibe about them that would look amazing if paired opposite each other. We could imagine a fantasy or time-period drama with their classic looks.

4. Lee Jong Suk + Jin Nana


Jong Suk and Jin Nana are some of the most versatile actors to date. They’ve both played unique characters that showcase their charms as well a devil may care, don’t mess with me attitude that it only seems natural for them to pair up for a mature drama where romance isn’t the main element of the show. 

5. Nam Joo Hyuk + Kim Yoo Jung


Kim Yoo Jung was hilarious as Jung Saet-byul in Backstreet Rookie, and K-Drama fans can vouch for Nam Joo Hyuk’s incredible comic skills and ability to effortlessly deliver one-liners. If paired opposite one another, we can imagine all the hilarious, yet fun hijinx that would ensue. 

What other actors would you like to see opposite each other? Tell me below. 

Written by Rae Love

Rae Love is a freelance covering all things Hallyu. Her current bias is Hwang In Yeob and ults are Lee Taemin, Yoo Kihyun, and Seo Kang Joon. She is also a fashion photographer and has a big love for all things movie villains. When she's not writing or binge-watching K-dramas, chances are you'll probably find her sweating her way through a K-Pop dance workout, or playing with her cats, Phoenix and Dallas. Make sure you follow @kindofvoguish on Instagram as she journeys through her latest obsession in fashion, music, and photography